Talent concept

  Talent concept: people-oriented, morality first, ability first

  People-oriented: the most important value of Yingsheng comes from the creativity of employees, and the most valuable wealth of Yingsheng comes from human resources. The company has always been committed to the common development of employees and the company, forming a community of common destiny. Ying Sheng values every employee's dream and efforts, and the employees get the corresponding remuneration through fight on Yingsheng's platform.

  Morality first: Yingsheng insists on get profits in a reasonable and legal way. The moral character of employees is the precondition for the company to consider employees. The company will take morality first as the basic standard for cadres and talents selection, and will never use talents without morality.

  Energy for the first: Yingsheng adhere to the principle of meritocracy, the best of them. According to the talents and characteristics of the employees, the company arranges them to the appropriate positions, and tests their competence through performance appraisal. The competent and the mediocre can make the best of their talents.