Service content

Product consultation
For you to answer carefully about the company's equipment, testing kits and other products related information.

◆ Installation and commissioning
Receive your installation and debugging application, and provide professional laboratory installation condition confirmation service.

Application support
Provide on-site technical support for clinical test items such as vitamin and newborn screening to ensure the smooth development of the project.

Technical training
To provide you with the company's equipment working principle, software operation, sample testing, data processing and other technical training of the whole process.

Provide regular maintenance service for your instruments and equipment, reduce the failure rate and ensure the quality of testing work.

For your equipment timely troubleshooting, to ensure the long-term effective operation of the equipment.

Relocation service
Arrange and implement the transfer of relevant instruments and equipment in the laboratory for you.

Accessory consumables
Provide you with sufficient and reliable accessories and consumables, so that the laboratory can supplement them in time.

Technical exchange
We welcome our partners to have in-depth and effective technical exchanges with Ying Sheng bio, and work together to grow together.

Information feedback
Your feedback will directly provide important basis for our company to improve product quality and after-sales service level