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Neonatal genetic and metabolic disease screening kit

Neonatal genetic and metabolic disease screening kit

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Significance of detection
Neonatal genetic and metabolic disease screening refers to the population census, early detection and early treatment of some serious congenital and genetic diseases in the neonatal period, so as to avoid irreversible physical and intellectual development disorders. This kind of disease often lacks specific symptoms in the neonatal period and even in the infant period. Once the symptoms appear, irreversible damage has been formed, and the good opportunity for treatment has been lost. However, biochemical metabolism and other changes have occurred in the blood during the neonatal period, so early diagnosis can be made in the neonatal period. Neonatal genetic and metabolic disease screening is an important part of modern preventive medicine. Early detection and early treatment can effectively reduce the rate of disability and mortality, and improve the quality of the birth population.

High performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

480 test / box
1920 test / box

Product features
1. Test items: 11 kinds of amino acids, 31 kinds of carnitine, 1 kind of succinyl acetone,
2. Domestic initiative: CFDA has passed the certification
3. Fast detection: on board time 2 min / sample
4. Micro sample: 8 mm diameter dry blood spot