Full spectrum vitamin testing reagent

Fat soluble vitamin test kit

Fat soluble vitamin test kit

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Significance of detection
Vitamin is an essential micronutrient for human body, an important part of coenzyme in the enzyme system of human body, and plays a regulatory role in metabolism. Generally, it can not be synthesized in vivo or the amount of synthesis is very small, which needs to be obtained through diet and other means. In China, vitamin deficiency is a common phenomenon. Reasonable vitamin level is very important to maintain human health. The detection of vitamin level in human body can assist clinical guidance to supplement vitamin effectively and reasonably, and achieve early detection and early intervention, which is of great significance for the reduction of nutritional diseases.

High performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

96 test / box
480 test / box

Product features
1. Customized personalized system solution: it is the first in China, and is specially equipped with automatic report generation software.
2. Wider detection range: covering 14 kinds of vitamins, accurate and efficient, providing more accurate and scientific basis for clinical diagnosis.
3. High specificity and accuracy: MS detection has the advantages of high specificity, sensitivity, accuracy and accuracy, and the detection limit is low.
4. Simple operation, high extraction efficiency: in addition to sample collection, the whole process of automatic analysis, sample batch processing.