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Gene detection kit for drug-induced deafness (fluorescence PCR method)

Gene detection kit for drug-induced deafness (fluorescence PCR method)

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Significance of detection
Hearing disability is one of the most common birth defects in China, ranking first among all kinds of disabilities. More than 50% of deafness is caused by genetic factors, among which mitochondrial mtDNA 12S rRNA gene is a common deafness genetic gene, which is inherited in maternal line. The mutation rate is 3-4% in the deaf population and about 3 ‰ in the normal population. The individuals carrying the mutant gene are sensitive to aminoglycoside antibiotics. The use of such drugs can lead to a significant hearing loss, and even a common clinical "one shot deafness" phenomenon. This kit is applicable to the auxiliary diagnosis of deafness caused by aminoglycoside antibiotics and the detection of deafness gene carried by non hearing loss population. By detecting the common mutation sites 1555A > G, 1494c > t of mtDNA 12S rRNA gene, the occurrence of deafness can be effectively prevented and reduced.

Fluorescence PCR method

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Product features
Using the method of nucleic acid amplification fluorescence detection, we designed highly specific primers according to the gene sequence of deafness related genes, and analyzed whether there were deafness gene mutation sites according to the fluorescence curve mode of nucleic acid amplification, which had the characteristics of 1, fast detection speed (about 1.5h), convenient and fast 2, high accuracy, no false negative 3, separable combination of detection sites 4, comprehensive coverage of detection sites.