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2016 Shanghai clinical laboratory equipment and supplies exhibition

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Time: 2016-7-13 to 2016-7-15

Venue: Shanghai world expo exhibition hall

Sponsor: China healthcare international exchange promotion association

Organizer: Shanghai juyi exhibition service co., LTD

2016 China (Shanghai) clinical laboratory equipment and supplies exhibition is the most professional and powerful commercial exhibition in China, focusing on the display of products of production, research and development, business units.

At the same time, it is also an important platform for people in the industry to strengthen friendship, sell and inquire for products.


With the strong support of colleagues in the whole industry, with the introduction of standardized and international management, the scale of the exhibition has been expanding year by year, and gradually attracted the attention of the industry and the exhibition, you will get a lot of effective information beneficial to the development of their own enterprises.


The last exhibition mainly comes from government agencies, the national three serie a hospital clinical laboratory, visit center, independent testing laboratory, maternity and child care, the centers for disease control and prevention, blood stations, blood center and ciq, director of professors, doctors and experts and scholars gathered the onsite trade, cooperation and exchange;

With the expansion of the exhibition area, the number of exhibitors and the number of visitors increasing year by year, the clinical laboratory equipment and supplies exhibition has been held in Shanghai and Beijing.


In order to fully show the Chinese region one of the most prospective clinical inspection equipment and supplies exhibition, strengthen technological exchanges and cooperation, promote the rapid development of clinical inspection equipments and supplies in China, by the China council for the promotion of health care international exchange, Shanghai million exhibition service co., LTD for "2016 China (Shanghai) clinical inspection equipment and supplies exhibition" is scheduled for July 13-15, was held in Shanghai world expo exhibition hall.

The purpose of the organization is "to make a correct diagnosis for human health and strive for a better tomorrow".