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2015 beibu gulf guangxi clinical laboratory instrument, reagent and equipment exhibition

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Yingsheng biological company will participate in the 2015 beibu gulf guangxi clinical laboratory instruments, reagents and equipment exhibition from March 27 to 29. We invite you to visit our booth A351.

Meeting contents:

Time: March 27-29, 2015

Venue: exhibition hall no.2, nanning international convention and exhibition center

Opening: March 27, 2015 (9:00 AM)

Exhibition period: March 27-29, 2015 (AM 8:30 -- pm16:30)

The annual guangxi clinical laboratory academic conference hosted by guangxi clinical laboratory center is an authoritative gathering for the clinical laboratory industry in guangxi. Experts, scholars, doctors and other professionals from clinical laboratory were organized to attend the annual conference for academic exchanges.

Laboratory medicine in clinical application widely, rapid, accurate, automation, informationization level is higher and higher, and as the hardware facilities of medical institutions at all levels gradually improve and upgrade and patients for diagnosis and treatment level of requirements, the demand of clinical laboratory instruments, reagents and equipment greatly increases, the market potential is tremendous, attracted clinical inspection instruments, reagents and equipment at home and abroad merchants into the development of guangxi.

In order to better serve the clinical test related products suppliers and guangxi medical institutions clinical laboratory (or clinical laboratory), let both sides mutual understanding clinical test new technology and new products and services, to facilitate medical institutions to choose high quality and low price products improve the quality and level, clinical test commissioned by guangxi clinical trial center, our company specific "in guangxi in 2015 clinical inspection academic conference" held during the same period "beibu gulf in guangxi in 2015 clinical inspection instruments, reagents and equipment exhibition".

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