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Yingsheng Bio made a wonderful appearance at China Reproductive Health Expo

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The 8th China Reproductive Health Industry New Technology and Product Expo was held at the Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center from December 10 to 12. This conference was hosted by China Reproductive Health Industry Association and Jinan Daily Newspaper Group. Shandong Yingsheng Bio Co., Ltd. Company sponsorship.
01 Yingsheng Bio's Booth
During the expo, as the leader of the one-stop solution for clinical mass spectrometry, Yingsheng Bio conducted a wonderful product display at the T6 booth, bringing visitors to the audience a one-stop, comprehensive platform for the construction of clinical mass spectrometry in the era of precision medicine. Processes and closed-loop solutions.
Yingsheng Bio made a wonderful appearance at China Reproductive Health Expo
Customers came to the Yingsheng Bio's booth in an endless stream, and the displayed instruments attracted the enthusiastic attention of many partners. Among them, the YS EXACT 9050MD&9900MD LC-MS/MS fully automatic solution, which the company focused on, attracted many colleagues and customers to stop at the booth due to its technological leadership and forward-looking concept to learn more about the company's instruments and discuss cooperation matters.
This high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry detection system, as the pioneering work of the strategic cooperation between Yingsheng Bio and Thermo Fisher Scientific, has established Yingsheng Bio's leading position in the field of clinical mass spectrometry. The 9050MD and 9900MD high-performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry detection systems have the characteristics of ultra-high performance and extreme durability. Combined with Yingsheng Bio's NMPA-approved full-spectrum 14 vitamin detection kits, it can realize a variety of clinical mass spectrometry projects. Accurate detection.
Yingsheng Bio made a wonderful appearance at China Reproductive Health Expo
The YS EXT 8600MD ICP-MS displayed this time received the NMPA clinical registration license in March this year. As a product of the comprehensive and in-depth strategic cooperation between Thermo Fisher Scientific and Yingsheng Biologics, YS EXT 8600MD ICP-MS is a localized equipment developed by both parties after optimization and improvement for Chinese clinical testing customers. Its unique ease of use, high efficiency analysis efficiency and accuracy of qualitative data are recognized as the industry gold standard for the determination of trace and trace elements; it is especially suitable for the analysis of clinical biological samples containing complex matrices, such as whole blood, serum, and urine. Accurate detection of element analysis such as fluid and tissue fluid. Based on the ICP-MS platform, Yingsheng Bio has developed a variety of trace element detection kits and supporting experimental programs, which can fully replace the traditional flame atomic absorption spectrometer, graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometer, and iodine analyzer, and can easily cope with more than 140,000 years The amount of detection to meet the current clinical testing needs, the YS EXT 8600MD instrument and supporting kits can detect 22 elements including calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, and zinc.
Yingsheng Bio made a wonderful appearance at China Reproductive Health Expo
02Jinan Newspaper Group Interviewed Mr. Mi Zhaoyuan, Vice President of Yingsheng Bio
In order to display the highlights of the Expo from all angles and angles, Jinan Press Group set up a news center on site and opened special topics on the Aijin News client, inviting exhibitors, heads of sponsoring co-organizers, experts and scholars and other social representatives to come Be a guest, talk about the achievements of the innovation and development of the reproductive health industry, and show the audience a large number of new technologies and products in the reproductive health industry in the form of video graphics to help the construction of a healthy China and healthy Jinan.
On the morning of the 10th, Mr. Mi Zhaoyuan, Vice President of Yingsheng Bio, visited the studio to discuss the impact of the Guozihao Reproductive Expo on Jinan's healthy enterprises and the construction of Jinan. Mr. Mi Zhaoyuan said that if the expo is summed up in two sentences, it is “inheritance and development” and “time and innovation”. The achievements since the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China have been remarkable and the concept of reproductive health has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. This expo covers the entire industry of reproductive health. As a local industry, Yingsheng Biotech can seize this opportunity to show the style of Quancheng enterprises and promote the development of Jinan's health industry.
Yingsheng Bio made a wonderful appearance at China Reproductive Health Expo
03China's Reproductive Health Industry New Technology and Product Summit Forum
On the afternoon of the 10th, an important part of this expo-China's reproductive health industry new technology and new product summit forum was held. Representatives of enterprises from the reproductive health industry shared development experience and innovative ideas. Mr. Xie Chao, director and engineer of Yingsheng Bio, gave a speech titled "Application of Mass Spectrometry Technology in Reproductive Health Diagnosis and Treatment".
Yingsheng Bio made a wonderful appearance at China Reproductive Health Expo