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The 10th China Italian innovation and cooperation week ended in Jinan, the "Spring City" on November 29, 2019.

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The 10th China Italian innovation and cooperation week ended in Jinan, the "Spring City" on November 29, 2019.

China Italy innovation cooperation week is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of science and technology of China and the research department of Italian University of education. Beijing Science and technology innovation cooperation week is held in China and Italy in turn every year. It is an important platform to connect China and Italy's science and technology innovation resources, and has become a model of cooperation between the two countries.

At the opening ceremony of Jinan Branch of China Italian innovation and cooperation week on November 28, Wang Zhigang, Minister of science and technology of China, fioramonti, Minister of scientific research of Italian University of education, Gong Zheng, deputy secretary and governor of Shandong Provincial Committee, Wang Zhonglin, member of Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial Committee and Secretary of Jinan Municipal Committee jointly unveiled the China Italian high-end frontier Industrial Park, a collection of cooperation projects between Italian enterprises and China Italian high-end frontier Industrial Park China Contract


China Italian high-end frontier Industrial Park has built a green cooperation channel with Italian Academy of Sciences and relevant industry associations, and has undertaken cooperation with Europe and the United States. It has gathered world-class innovative enterprises, research and development institutions and top talents, and has carried out achievements transformation and joint incubation in the three fields of advanced energy, intelligent manufacturing and medical health.
Innovation week has set up a high-level cooperation platform for the deep integration of innovation resources between the two countries. In the past 10 years since the innovation week was held, more than 5700 bilateral technology connections have been promoted and nearly 1000 cooperation intentions have been reached. Remarkable achievements have been made in the fields of aerospace, intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine, energy conservation and environmental protection, advanced materials and other cooperation fields, which have played a positive role in promoting the economic and social development, industrial transformation and upgrading, science and technology and people to people exchanges between the two countries. The innovation week that one belt, one road and another has been established has not only become a well-known brand of China Italian technology exchange, but also provided useful experience for expanding the "one belt and one road" technological innovation cooperation.

As a leader in mass spectrometry, Ying Sheng participated in this innovation week and life science and Health Forum. After the meeting, we had exchanges and interviews with a number of Italian biotechnology companies and R & D institutions. We will actively strengthen and deepen international cooperation and exchanges, introduce high-end innovative technologies, give full play to our advantages, and continue to promote scientific and technological innovation cooperation in the field of medicine and health to a higher level.