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New year's first stop: Secretary Wang Zhonglin visits Yingsheng biology for inspection and guidance

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Feng Zhen, chairman and general manager of Yingsheng biology, accompanied Secretary Wang Zhonglin and his delegation to visit Yingsheng international cooperation research and development center, mass spectrometry production line, scientific research laboratory, etc. on Yingsheng's development history, industry market, innovative products (ultra-high performance liquid-phase tandem mass spectrometry, inductively coupled ionization mass spectrometry, full-automatic intelligent platform, full-spectrum vitamin detection reagent, neonatal genetic metabolic disease, etc.) Disease detection reagents) and other information were reported.

<span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);" yahei="" sans="" helvetica="" justify;"="" 1.8px;="" 14px;="" sans-serif;="" arial,="" yahei",="" ui",="" "microsoft="" gb",="" "hiragino="" sc",="" "pingfang="" neue",="">Secretary Wang Zhonglin and other leaders focused on the progress of three domestic mass spectrometry projects (LC-MS / ms9050md, 9900md, icp-ms8600md) since the strategic cooperation agreement was signed between Yingsheng bio and semefei in July 2018, as well as the implementation of the projects of Yingsheng semefei China mass spectrometry maintenance center and precision medical inspection and Testing Center. They affirmed the development and implementation of Yingsheng And expectations, and made important instructions and deployment.

Secretary Wang Zhonglin pointed out for us the development direction of Yingsheng as a unicorn enterprise, and laid out the strategy of "high, solid, strong" in the rapid inspection application of food and medicine and blood drug concentration project. Yingsheng will keep in mind its mission, never forget its original intention, build Jinan city brand, build quanzheng landmark enterprise, and realize the listing of science and technology innovation board by 2020!