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2015 symposium on oncology and immunotherapy

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Tumor is a disease of uncontrolled cell proliferation with complex causes, involving multiple genetic, epigenetic, and cellular and tissue level abnormalities.

High variability at the level of genome and epigenome, extreme heterogeneity at multiple biological levels, from transcription to protein, and strong adaptability to the environment, are the fundamental reasons why tumors have become the most difficult and severe diseases.

New developments and applications in translational medicine, such as new generation sequencing technology, new molecular markers, new imaging tools, and new molecular diagnostic methods, provide new ideas for tumor research and clinical practice.

Tumor immunotherapy, for example, has recently made a very novel breakthrough in cancer research and treatment.


In tumor basic and translational medicine conference last year, more than a dozen active in the first line of scientific research and clinical experts, in tumor microenvironment, systems biology, genomics and epigenetics, antitumor drugs, biological behavior and tumor model carried on the thorough discussion, and how to develop a multidisciplinary cooperation, promote the new achievements of basic research to clinical put forward valuable Suggestions as soon as possible.


On the basis of previous discussions, the new symposium on tumor and immunotherapy will add tumor immunotherapy, deep sequencing, non-coding RNA and tumorigenesis, tumor stem cells and targeted therapy strategies, tumor autophagy, and tumor clinical multi-center and multidisciplinary collaborative research.

We sincerely invite scientists and clinicians who are active in the field of basic and translational medical research of cancer to attend the meeting, witness the latest breakthrough in the field of cancer research in theory and technology, and discuss the international level of translational medical research of cancer.


To this end, we sincerely invite you to join us in Shanghai for a grand event!


Organizing committee of 2015 seminar on tumor and immunotherapy

Deadline: May 19, 2015

Meeting time: May 21, 2015 - May 22, 2015

Venue: Shanghai cape of good hope hotel (no. 500, zhaojiabang road, xuhui district)