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The fourth national seminar on genetic disease diagnosis, birth defect prevention and eugenics consultation

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September 18 to 20, sponsored by the China healthy birth science association, jinan maternity and child care, genetic and new professional committee, jinan medical association among jinan medical association professional committee of joint undertaking of the fourth national genetic disease diagnosis, birth defects and eugenics beforehand conference and the establishment ceremony of birth defect prevention and control center in jinan, shandong jinan city is held ceremoniously.

Birth defect is a public health problem related to population quality and group health level.

With the increase of elderly pregnant women, the situation of birth defects prevention and control is more serious.

This seminar invited well-known domestic experts to conduct academic exchanges and discussions on the interpretation of birth defect prevention and control policies, the accurate diagnosis and comprehensive prevention and control of chromosomal and genomic diseases and genetic and metabolic diseases.

Yingsheng biotechnology, as a leader in the domestic clinical mass spectrometry industry, was invited to attend the conference.

In the satellite meeting, Mr. Jiao guobin, assistant to the general manager of yingsheng biology, Shared the "precision medicine platform to help maternal and child health" for everyone, and introduced in detail the one-stop mass spectrometry solution of yingsheng biology, which was unanimously recognized by the experts at the meeting.

At the same time, many experts and scholars visited yingsheng booth to have an in-depth understanding of a series of products such as screening for genetic and metabolic diseases of newborns, deafness gene detection and full-spectrum vitamin detection.


Knowledge workshop

As one of the seven major nutrients in the human body, vitamins is essential to human body health and normal physiological function of trace elements, there are 135 clinical common disease, there are 106 species including vitamin deficiency caused by disease, so the vitamin supplements has become a country of postoperative nutritional rehabilitation therapy and rehabilitation treatment of clinical nutrition.

At present, due to the fast pace of life, unreasonable diet structure, irregular reasons, there are widespread vitamin deficiency or unbalanced phenomenon in the population of China, there is a great threat to human health.

The human body for a long time in the state of vitamin imbalance will cause sub-health and even related clinical diseases.

Ying sheng creatures always committed to the application of precision medical testing means find threat to human health of pathogenic factor, the launch of full spectrum vitamin 14 detection kits can accurately detect vitamin levels in the body, timely found potential vitamin borderline deficiency or excess, etc., for guiding vitamins adequate intake, prevention of related illnesses and arrangements for adjuvant treatment of related diseases provides a comprehensive clinical evidence, to improve the level of national nutrition and health significance is obvious.


Expert consensus

During pregnancy, women's demand for folic acid, iodine, iron and other vitamins and minerals increases, but the actual intake is insufficient, often accompanied by a variety of vitamins and minerals absolute or relative deficiency, and this may cause a variety of pregnancy complications and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Proper supplementation of vitamins and minerals is an integral part of nutrition management during pregnancy, which can effectively reduce the risk of pregnancy complications and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Daily intake of 600 grams of fetal folate from folate-rich foods or synthetic preparations is recommended to reduce neural tube abnormalities and other pregnancy complications.

The benefits and methods of folic acid supplementation should be widely publicized to all women before and during pregnancy.

The proportion of iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy is as high as 42%. Under the monitoring of blood iron index, it is recommended to supplement 25 ~ 35 mg of iron daily during pregnancy. If it is clear that those with iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy should supplement more iron.

Vitamin D can be supplemented through diet (especially dairy products) or ultraviolet rays from the sun. However, deficiency may occur during winter pregnancy and lead to impaired bone metabolism in the fetus. Calcium 1000 mg and vitamin D 10 grams (400 IU) per day during pregnancy should be encouraged.


Vitamin B12 supplements are recommended for vegans.

Multivitamin and mineral supplements are recommended for pregnant women with iron deficiency anemia or for pregnant women with inadequate or unbalanced diets.

Multivitamin and mineral supplements may be beneficial for pregnant women with multiple pregnancies, past alcohol and tobacco habits, and human acquired immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection.


The use of dietary supplements is still safe and effective based on an adequate and balanced diet.


Source: Chinese journal of clinical nutrition, February 2014, vol. 22, no. 1