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Aiming at IVD's 100 billion blue ocean, Yingsheng Bio, a pioneer in clinical mass spectrometry, announced the completion of several hundred million B rounds of financing

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Recently, Shandong Yingsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. completed Series B financing of several hundred million yuan, which was led by Gaochun Venture Capital. Old shareholders such as Chenling Capital, Sunshine Ronghui Capital, Huimei Capital and Qianhai Parent Fund continued to raise funds, Yuansheng Venture Capital and Haoyue Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor. Earlier, the company was invested by famous institutions such as Sanze Venture Capital, Yahui Investment and Xiamen Jianfa. After the completion of this round of financing, Yingsheng Bio plans to accelerate the market expansion in the field of mass spectrometry, consolidate the industrial chain and technical team, maintain the leading edge in product development, and on this basis, build a full range of products for clinical mass spectrometry applications and shape IVD brand enterprises.
Yingsheng Bio, established in 2009, is a pioneer in technology development, quality control and technical services in the field of clinical mass spectrometry in China, focusing on the field of clinical mass spectrometry for more than ten years, and is also a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and third-party medical testing services. Yingsheng built a leading domestic gene detection platform and mass spectrometry detection platform around metabonomics and genomics, covering the fields of birth defect screening, disease prevention and human health services, and won 15 national patents and 6 software copyrights, participated in the construction of 3 industry standards and 1 national standard, and passed ISO13485 and ISO9001 quality management system certification. It is the backbone enterprise of the key biomedical engineering industrial cluster in the "13 th Five-Year Plan" of science and technology innovation in Shandong Province.
Aiming at IVD
The mass spectrometry market is known as "the next IVD billion blue ocean"
Compared with traditional detection methods, mass spectrometry technology has the advantages of high sensitivity, high specificity, high accuracy, wide linear range and high throughput, and can be applied to clinical biochemical test, clinical immunological test, clinical microbiological test and clinical molecular biological diagnosis, etc. It is called the next billion blue ocean market in the field of in vitro diagnosis. Mass spectrometry has been widely carried out in developed countries in Europe and America. According to statistics, there are more than 400 mass spectrometry testing items serving clinical diagnosis and treatment. Compared with foreign countries, there is still a big gap between domestic mass spectrometry industry and developed countries. Most markets are occupied by foreign brands. Mass spectrometry technology has risen to the core technology of national strategy. With the joint efforts of industry, scientific research and medical circles, the localization process of mass spectrometry is accelerating. Yingsheng Bio is the first to launch a complete one-stop clinical mass spectrometry solution, which meets the five major elements of clinical mass spectrometry development (mass spectrometer+reagent+pretreatment+data+service). The platform will be composed of many NMPA registered products pioneered by Yingsheng in China, including fully automatic sample pretreatment equipment, medium and high-end domestic LC-MS/MS,ICP-MS,MALDI-TOF system equipment, and clinical mass spectrometry application series kit products.
Mr. Feng Zhen, Chairman of Yingsheng Bio, said
Thanks to gaoling venture capital, chenling capital, Yuansheng venture capital, sunshine ronghui capital, huimei capital and qianhai parent fund for their recognition of yingsheng, and also thanks to haoyue team for their professionalism and efficiency in the financing process. After this round of financing, Yingsheng Bio will enter a period of rapid development in an all-round way, with continuous improvement in instrument manufacturing, clinical application research and development, intelligent pretreatment development, etc., and comprehensively promote the rapid development of China's clinical mass spectrometry industry.
Mr. Yi Nuoqing, co-chief investment officer of Gaochun Capital and head of biomedicine and medical devices of Gaochun Venture Capital, said
Mass spectrometry, represented by new screening, vitamins, blood concentration and trace elements, has gradually emerged in the in vitro diagnosis industry because of its advantages in detection accuracy, sensitivity and flux. However, compared with developed countries, there is still a big gap in the popularity of clinical mass spectrometry in China. Yingsheng Bio has built an integrated IVD solution around the clinical mass spectrometry application, and comprehensively solved the pain points of mass spectrometry popularization in hospitals. In addition to pioneering 14 detection reagents for full spectrum vitamins, Yingsheng Bio is ahead of the industry in mass spectrometer, pretreatment equipment and application and certification layout of mass spectrometry reagents, and is the leader of clinical mass spectrometry in China and the builder of industry standards. Feng Zhen, the founder, has deep accumulation and broad vision in the field of mass spectrometry. We expect Yingsheng Bio to continue to succeed in the field of clinical mass spectrometry, provide better application of mass spectrometry for patients and the market, and finally become a benchmark enterprise in the field of clinical mass spectrometry in China.
Mr. Zhu Tianqi, Managing Director of Chende Capital, said
Clinical mass spectrometry is the blue ocean market of in vitro diagnosis industry, and it is also the systematic investment field of Chende Capital. We believe that clinical mass spectrometry detection will be extended from reproduction, heredity, metabolism and other fields to many directions, which will continue to produce heavy applications and occupy an important share in the whole in vitro diagnosis market. Yingsheng Bio has a practical, efficient and trustworthy management team. Chende is optimistic that Yingsheng will become the leader of China's clinical mass spectrometry industry, and expects Yingsheng to continuously introduce high-quality solutions to better meet clinical needs and promote the development of the industry.
Dr. Lin Yi, managing partner of Yuansheng Venture Capital, said
We have always been firmly optimistic about the huge potential blank market of mass spectrometry technology platform in domestic clinical diagnosis, and also firmly optimistic about the core competitiveness built by Yingsheng Bio in the complete combination of mass spectrometry products and services. After several years of market baptism in China, the development of clinical mass spectrometry project has been pushed forward in depth, from leading by tertiary hospitals to spreading to secondary hospitals, from traditional vitamin and neonatal screening projects to more challenging and larger market application fields such as hormones, blood drug concentration and metabonomics. We are very pleased to see that Yingsheng Bio has been highly recognized by well-known funds such as Gaochun Venture Capital, Chenling Capital, Sunshine Convergence Capital and Qianhai Parent Fund, and look forward to working with new shareholders to help Yingsheng Bio develop a new world in this 100 billion blue ocean.
Mr. Shi Wei, managing partner of Sunshine Ronghui Capital, said
Innovation and application of genomics, proteomics and metabolomics are the key investment directions of Sunshine Fusion Capital. The unique advantages of mass spectrometry make it irreplaceable for clinical examination. Yingsheng management team deeply understood the pain points of clinical application of mass spectrometry, and made a deep impression on the complete construction of IVD integrated solution of mass spectrometry and the exploration and practice of commercial promotion mode. It is a great honor to participate in the development of the company. With the common growth of the company, we expect Yingsheng to achieve greater success and lead the development of the industry.
Mr. Li Yishi, a partner of Haoyue Capital, said
We are honored to assist Yingsheng Bio to complete this round of financing. Haoyue Capital has conducted in-depth research in the direction of clinical mass spectrometry, and this field is the golden track that will usher in explosive growth in the in vitro diagnosis market. Yingsheng Bio has solved one of the most obvious pain points of clinical mass spectrometry through standardized sample pretreatment. The developed 14 vitamins and new screening products are very distinctive, and have global market and product cooperation resources. The founder Feng Zong and his team have a deep understanding of the Chinese clinical mass spectrometry market. With the help of capital, we believe that Yingsheng Bio will continue to lead the clinical mass spectrometry track and provide one-stop clinical mass spectrometry solutions for hospitals. We are confident that we will continue to help Yingsheng's follow-up financing and accompany customers to grow rapidly.

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